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Dr. Carlee aims to create an environment that promotes the restoration and optimization of health, happiness and prosperity and to become an influencer in promotion, education, and execution of natural health.


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Dr. Mark Wetzel

Dr. Mark Wetzel received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Science University in Minneapolis Minnesota.  


Being intrigued in finding the root cause of his patient’s dysfunction, he has attended an additional 300+ hours of additional educational programs focused on Chiropractic Neurology and Applied Kinesiology. These learned skills, in addition to Muscle Testing, and his Chiropractic Adjustments allow him to have better access to the nervous system and fix the body from a neurological standpoint.  Dr. Mark has a passion for treating and educating patients who want to achieve a healthier lifestyle, and enjoys helping them reach their health and fitness goals.


Dr. Mark completed his undergraduate studies from Indiana University. During his time at Indiana University Dr. Mark received a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management and competed with the Men’s Swimming and Diving Team. He specializes in body optimization, sports performance, and injury prevention/rehab.

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