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Emotional work

Emotional Work-"Clearings"

Emotional work is performed through the use of Neuromuscular Reducation, a treatment modality that has a direct affect on improving the function of how a nerve communicates to a muscle. Dr. Carlee utilizes  a unique protocol called “clearings” which drastically accelerates the healing process. This is one of the main reasons patients have such accelerated results. 

What is the purpose?

Due to life stressors, we are seeing a disconnect between the brain and body. Often times your brain will get to the point of perceiving movement, thoughts and actions in life as traumatic. When this happens, the brain will send signals to both activate and inhibit your muscles. This would be the equivalent to driving your car while pressing both the gas pedal and brake at the same time. It’s exhausting!

How will I feel after?

Most patients receive immediate relief and notice an immediate decrease in tension and stress. 

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