Dr. Carlee treats patients on a physical, chemical, and emotional level. She works with you to find the root cause of your condition versus treating the symptoms. All new patients will go through a New Patient Exam to assess all aspects of your health.

1st Appointment (allow 1 hour)

During your first visit, plan to be here about 1 hour. Print and Complete the New Patient Intake Form prior to your appointment.

Following Dr. Carlee will meet with you to review your symptoms, medical history, and complete an in-depth health assessment. If needed first treatment will be given.

2nd Appointment (allow 30 minutes)

Review of Findings (ROF) will be completed with our chiropractic physicians based on your test results, intake form, and consultation with the doctor. Dr. Carlee will customize a treatment plan based on your needs.

Treatment plans may include a detoxification program, further testing, and/or lab work. Your treatment plan may also include chiropractic adjustments, and physical rehabilitation exercises.

If further testing and/or therapies are recommended as part of your treatment plan, you will be given a detailed financial plan and explanation of all proposed treatments.